Heather Ella Rose is a singer-songwriter with an unusual background, moving countries every few years since childhood, a total of 19 times in her life. She moved back to Europe a few years ago, after nearly a decade in New Zealand. 


She's worked as a longstanding session musician/voice-over artist, in London, Paris, Munich, Buenos Aires, Auckland, New Zealand and many other countries as part of the Beyond Music network. She’s done voice overs for TV and cinema, and has sung on soundtracks for BBC television, on global brand adverts such as Toblerone, Danone, Pizza Hut, Aquafresh etc.  


She's featured on albums such as Mike Oldfield’s 25th-anniversary album,’Tubular Bells III’ and worked as a voice coach and singing teacher for Angelina Jolie while she was filming ‘Tomb Raider’ in London. She also produced recordings for Angelina Jolie, and worked for her on post-production for the soundtrack of ‘Original Sin’ at Pinewood Studios in the UK.


Most recently she was awarded semi-finalist status in the UK Songwriting Competition and has also just won three places on the soon to be released Beyond Music Album ‘Same Planet’, singing on ‘The World is Blue’ and also on her songs ‘Beautiful Earth’ and ‘The Things that Matter’. Beyond Music was co-founded by Tina Turner, and this new album was produced by the world class musician and producer Manu Katche. Heather Ella Rose has also recently been nominated as a semi-finalist in the 2020 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in the USA. The ISC received 26,000 entries, with semi-finalists making up only 9% of all entries, and this is an ongoing competition with judges such as Coldplay, Dua Lipa and Tom Waits for the next stage. 


She has also recently sung on three tracks for the immersive Tetragon Project with musicians from Germany and Croatia, and will be continuing to collaborate, long distance due to Covid, with Tetragon in Germany, Juan Barallobres in Argentina, and great musicians from the Beyond Music network, based in Mongolia, Nigeria, and Morocco. 


Heather Ella Rose has enjoyed collaborations or co-writing with Andrew Roachford, Tolga Kashif, Maitreya, Peter Prestel, Tom Francis, Juan Barallobres, Marshall Muze, Flameboy Universe and many other wonderful musicians. She’s produced other artists as well as her own music, and worked as a choir director for over a year and a half in Paris, at Academie Internationale de Danse, with performances at ‘La Nuit des Milles Voix’, at Parc de la Villette and also at Theatre de Paris.


In a more recent role as Creative Director in NZ for Global Poverty Project/Global Citizen, she produced a concert with leading NZ musicians at the Auckland Town Hall, recorded multiple tracks at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios with Tiki Taane and Ria Hall and other notable NZ artists, and produced music, films, and animations.


In her concurrent work as an international installation artist (under the name 'Burnett-Rose') showing in museums, galleries and festivals, as well as interactive public art events, she writes, directs, films, edits, and also performs on and produces the soundtracks. She's currently half way through her part-time Phd in Fine Art/Sound, in Oxford, with research interests in the experience of empathy and epiphany through immersive sound and film installations, with a focus on 360 degree performance installations.